Friday, April 27, 2007

You Wait, You Hope

Are you waiting, are you expecting,
when I see you combing your hair
dark blond with curls as your pale fingers
play and caress as if they miss something
or need something

Then I see you picking up an empty glass
at the table, empty there, and back to your mirror
you expect, you wait, you hope,
are you? because nobody is seeing you
and you do it with too much care

I see, an empty glass, or the water is so transparent
or it is not water, you know I wonder
what is it then, or whether it is really empty
you will make it full perhaps
something is hidden behind your mirror
only a suspicion

while you hope and wait and expect
playing and caressing the curls in your hair
the sun breaks a reflection in your mirror
oh, your precious eyes!
they make that glass full.


Thursday, April 19, 2007


-Qué tal.
-Eres extranjero, verdad? Vives aquí?
-Lo soy. No vivo en esta ciudad, sólo estoy por un tiempo. Pero no vivo muy lejos.
-Y tienes papeles?
-Soy legal ciertamente.
-Quieres una cerveza? Te invito.