Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Delpy, may I call you Dear Julie?

I was surprised.
It is becoming more and more common, yet Julie Delpy surprised me.
I guess the first time I saw that thing, a gorgeous woman who acts or models playing or singing, was in the early 90s, when Naomi Campbell made an album that Inever heard (I only heard the back vocals she sang for Vanilla Ice in the soundtrack for his infamous film 'Cool As Ice').
Some time after I felt in love (yes, I did) with Milla Jovovich, that young ucranian girl of my age who started to model I guess even before her hair was curl,when she threw that album called 'The Divine Comedy' from which I heard two tracks and I remember 'The Gentlemen Who Felt'. That was not bad.
The time went by and the turn was of Tracy Lords. What could anyone expect fromher as a singer? Her music was labelled as 'alternative', but I don't remember who put that label; perhaps I just dreamed that.
I will skip of course the opaque part of all this chain of events (Lindsay Lohan, Yenifer Lopez, etc).
On the early 2000s the surprise, and what a surprise, was Carla Bruni. Wasn't she that top model? I thought. I replied myself until I bought the cd. Yes it washer and it is still she and she does it good and nice. Something like telling me "don't forget that I was just a model".The last one is in my hands and in my ears. The last year I went to see 'BeforeSunset', that sort of sequele for 'Before Sunrise' which I pretty enjoyed when I was under my twenties. It is absolutely another kind of experience for anyone who watch this. I saw Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy on 'Before Sunrise' spending anight together and promising to meet again six months later. Regardless of the "what a nice film" factor or the identification factor in the film, what specially struck me was the desire of travelling and also of meeting people. Although poerhaps with the time I had idealized that opinion.The last year, on my twenties, I saw 'Before Sunset' and Ethan and Julie met again and I enjoyed that pretty striking end. And I heard Julie singing to Ethan and playing a guitar, just honestly. Then I heard the she even performed at a Festival where the film was screened.
Yesterday I passed by that cd and I didn't think it twice, after all it was theSt. Nicolas day and so I have it now and I listen to it now and I am not dissappointed for I didn't have any other expectations than hearing and I guess it is not precisely the best hand-made music album ever nor her voice is the most boheme for the music style she plays. And she surprises me. Her waltz is there.
But I have it and I like it and something dangerous: it is making me remember... since she is actually french she speaks and sings fluently english but with a slight foreign accent which makes it easier to understand. However it is not herlyrics which make me remember, or perhaps they do. I go on remembering, and I've got my St Johannes teabags by my side, just in case... perhaps I am just envious...

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