Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Brief Page

As I reached the notes over a certain man called Milton in 'El Tamaño De Mi Esperanza by Borges, and then musing about a rare feeling provoked by an announced presence, I started to write. With a certain sense it comes

The Brief Page

Between a chapter and another one
attempting to write with a feather
almost dry, well, the ink is not enough
to soak for a couple of lines,
on a blank page
almost transparent
so thin that I suspected
this is a sacred book
already written

The previous chapter tells a story
describes every single detail
portrays only one character
plays past and present
holds an uncertain end

The chapter after does not tell a story
says fragments of an uncertain essay
and describes some pieces of arts
unpersonnal, with no time,
the absenth subject makes me shiver
a thick chapter this one
uncertain beginning, does not commence

That brief blank page
is just nothing than a desire
that's why nothing is written
you don't have to be afraid
I didn't write that book
although I feel responsible for its content
the chapter between you and I
says more than this blank page.


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