Friday, September 08, 2006

Arctic Monkeys and JD Salinger

Whenever I hear that someone discovers something that I already know, I feel envy.
Like Ash: "Envy!". And I say that because on the last days I discovered two things. One is JD Salinger, with that great and at the same time humble book, "The Catcher In The Rye". The other thing is a band called 'Arctic Monkeys'.
I can't sit and wait for the next thing to discover.. I'd rather sit and feel envious watching how many people discover the same that I did. That only happens once. Perhaps soon I'll read some other book by Salinger or hear another cd of Arctic Monkeys, then I'll say perhaps that "I re-discovered" them.
Not like the first time.
In the meanwhile, hurra for the Arctic Monkeys, hurra for Salinger and two hurras for the ones who will discover them.
My pillow was wet after I finished "The Catcher...". There was a wish which just can't come true: I wished I did it (discovering Salinger) when I was sixteen. That's not being humble, let us be realistic, let us dream then impossible...
Curiously I didn't plan such a thing. I'll keep my eyes open. And my ears too.


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