Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unfinished dialog

Rather a sheet of paper than a canvas
as if I'd write something on your skin
You talk, paying attention is a pleasure
sometimes I think I don't understand you though
the thirst makes my throat dry
discretely, I deviate my eyes and ask to your skin
easier to follow, my attention is sharper

Your skin tells me about last week,
it tells me about last cry too,
I notice and share certain calm
for we don't meet face to face quite often,
it refuses to tell me about the last joy,
...your voice still echoes,
I'm sorry I didn't listen to you

A complete cartography, lots of stories
my curiosity awakes from hibernate
I will eventually know some of them
...was my thought, when your voice again echoed,
Oh, yeah, I listen to you,
yet I am not sure of understanding

Is it perhaps an answer you're waiting for?
may i say a word, "friendship" perhaps,
your frowned front questions something else,
your blushed cheeks requires a reply,
I am sorry, I don't have any more answers
My curiosity woke up, but don't you worry
the next winter it'll hibernate again



marichuy said...

Querido George

Qué bello me encantó. Me hiciste recordar el filme de Greenaway ”The Pilow Book”, que tanto me gusta: Tan sensual, tan íntimo. Como la cartografía humana, como los recuerdos, como las historias que en la piel se escriben y que para bien y para mal, permanecen con nosotros por mucho más tiempo


Champy said...

No pos si de por si mastico lento, en la de Shekespeare mas pior todavía!

Pero de entradita y rapidín también pensé en la almohada humana..... te imprimiré y te releeré.

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