Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Touching The Loneliness

Searching the difference
between one moment
and another one...
far away each other
...just tewnty four hours
they were the same

So I escaped
putting first my wings on the ground
and then my feet on the see
I could not fly, nor swim
but I could touch you

You see, I did not fall down
nor I drown nor I sunk
my touch turned into a caress
and I could enjoy this third moment
just twenty four minutes
after the previous one

There is a difference I saw
there is even more than one
when your company turns to solittude
for then I feel your touch better
and you understand the way I talk
with my lips shut



BUDOKAN said...

Hermosas frases poéticas, muy buenas. Saludos!

Maquiavélica said...

mmmm acaso es una canciòn??
q tengas bonito dia

g. neidisch said...

No es una canción. UnBlogDePelícula pensó lo mismo en otra ocasión...
..te veo..

luz de luna said...

So close...so far.