Thursday, March 13, 2008

Great, Big

She wanted to give him a part of it
for it was too big to carry
she posted a message in the sky
the clouds were the letters
albeit dark and gray clouds

He did not read the message
for he is always busy with his thoughts
and his feelings
yet he was close to me
as I saw him shaking

He said "I cannot see,
not through this curtain of tears"
creased clouds also started to cry.
Oh poor thing! Her words are gone!
Swept by the urban rain...

How sad I am not your hero
It is too big to bear
How sad I cannot help you to bear it
How sad I cannot help you to share it



Paxton Hernandez said...

Hola Jorge,

Mano, no tengo tu dirección de correo, por favor, mándame un mail para que te pueda mandar dirección para el progama Berlinale 2008.

Un abrazo!

BUDOKAN said...

Qué buena letra. Sigo atentamente lo que posteas que siempre da para disfrutar. Saludos!