Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Habemus Kanzlerin

On last Sunday I saw on TV that the city of Berlin was a kind of city under siege, or under urge, or under the cameras from the world's press.
That singer (my personal relation aside) Robbie Williams was shaking and rocking with a concert which was broadcasted to several places and with visitors from everywhere. And that day, some people was standing or sitting, waiting for a new Kanzler, after Angela Merkel and Gerhard Shröder were having conversations.
Since yesterday Merkel is the historic first woman, first Kanzlerin in Germany. After seeing the especulations and anxiety of the people, I dare to think that there is no clear leadership in the country where I am currently living.
Something that I notticed here in Germany, in comparison with my own country, is that being Kanzler doesn't mean necessarily being in the power or being mighty, whereas in Mexico, to be a President is almost to be allmighty (and all-vulnerable I can tell). But after all this talks they had had, I am starting to think that to be a politician requires to have some power, and actually lesser than the power that one gives away. I say that because in my humble opinion I dare to think that the other guy in Merkel's party, Stoiber, wouldn't just sit and clap his hands at Merkel's work. He doesn't look like.
But I am not a critic or a politic analyzer, I am just a foreigner in a country after 4 and half years, and such decisions, directly or indirectly, affect me.
I wouldn't have paid for a concert of Robbie Williams, but I wish I saw him. I didn't vote for the german elections, but I wish I did.

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De encuentros y desencuentros said...

Difícil de creer, pero cierto! Parece que la Merkel, será la primera mujer canciller en este país. Siendo extranjera, tampoco puedo opinar mucho, de hecho me aburre en general, toda la política - quizás por eso saqué un 4 en Sozialkunde - , pero da igual.....a ver ahora de que pan nos toca, porque siendo ciudadana extranjera más en este país, también nos van a embarrar con su caca.....ojalá y no nos toque la peor parte, como siempre, pues uno nunca sabe.... Desgraciadamente tampoco ví el concierto de Robbie y ése sí que me hubiera gustado verlo, aunque la Merkel y toda su concurrencia no tuvieran vela en el entierro.