Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Bit Closer

Behind that curtain in front of me,
in front of my table full of souvenirs
and reminders who recall you
there was a filthy pane of glass
ther is now a clean and transparent
window who stops the summer breeze

It is not a big deal to open the curtain
as it spills a scent who soaks me
like the reminder who absents on my table
I see it a bit closer
my fear grows bigger

When I dare tu turn my face
my gace meets the reminders on the table
and even if I shut my eyes
that scent that the curtain spills
remains like a scream in the silence
I feel it a bit closer

The curtains come together
or is it my hands trying to hide it...
I sit back close to my table, with my reminders,
it was nothing better a grimy window glass
perhaps it was not even that far
maybe the summer breeze brings it closer

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