Thursday, September 04, 2008

Little Heart

Mine is not hidden
you thought it was a big heart
it is just too small
to bear all the content you put there daily

I didn't think it was important
so I said no word
then I recall that very first night
when I thought you sang a lullaby for me
what drove me to the deep dream was indeed
the heavy weight you started to drop
on that very night
inside the little void of my chest

Neither you nor me heard any alarm
for everything is so easy for you...
...just dumping more and more...
yet we both know your deliberated act
when you took it out of my chest

Since then I always stare at the nadir
almost drag it while I walk
it hangs and bears from letters to postcards
from guilt feelings to dust

Now you look surprised,
you dig with bare hands in there
mine is not hidden, is just outside
not only your fault, not only mine
we have to blame on the both of us



CoTopi said...

La responsabilidad de un corazón alegre, roto, herido, con recuerdos y suspiros..siempre es de dos.

Amigo mío, cuántas hrs de diferencia hay entre Méx y Alemania??? Mis 12 del día serán tus 7 pm??? Manténte pdte de tu cel. Un beso.

CoTopi said...
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Eddney Todd said...

Always stare at the nadir.
We have to blame the both of us.

Me quedo con esas dos frases.
Das war Sehr hübsch.

Jetzs muss ich viel Deutsch sprechen und schreiben. Ich hatte heute ein Test. Es war einfach, das denke ich.

Srta. Maquiavélica said...

ahhhhh q lindoooo, apoco es de tu inspiracion??besos hermoso

Srta. Maquiavélica said...

exijoooooooo post¡¡¡¡¡¡¿