Monday, October 29, 2007


On the path you started to walk
you don't have to worry, for nobody
dares to follow you
you just have to watch your step
and be cautious when it gets too dark

Do you feel tired? Your chant may now start
I can be sure you rehearsed before
I remember those nights when I couldn't sleep
for I was immerse in the notes
a sweet lullabye, it kept me awake

Your chant is not mute,
it happens now that noone is around
attempting to fall asleep
and it is not fair to think at least
that all the time you were rehearsing
was just in vain...
so let it go out, now...

Mute I am perhaps
I don't remember a single time
that your heard my voice,
mute I was and I will be
yet you never were blind as to see
the choreography of my hands
both on the air and on the ground

I am not there now as you know
you are not followed, you are not seen,
you are not heard,
just start that chant
may your rehearsal be worthwhile



Miguel Cane said...

So I am speechless...

Silencio said...

Podría entonces llevarle a un jardínb, con piedras, agua y pajaros, donde cante para mí, conmigo, donde mi desafinado coro contraste con su ensayado tono. Lo que cante, lo conozco, como decían en la película, te conozco de mis sueños. El canto también.

Tal vez.


BUDOKAN said...

Muy bonitas palabras sobre una cuya virtud es el silencio. Saludos!